I live in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

Photography is my passion, but not my only one. I am a singer songwriter with 2 albums out. I am also a Hypnotist and magician on TV! 

My work has allowed me to  travel  from Los Angeles to Dubai, to Africa, Dublin, London etc to work in the Tv and Film industry for the past 15 years.

I have worked as a Director and Tv Producer, to being an on screen talent.

 Lately I have been working as a colourist for film and recently I have been hired as a Cinematographer for a few Feature films and short films, music videos etc.


I absolutely love my job and love working with people.  

I am confident that my skillset has given me a unique ability to capture my subjects truest self.  

I don't have clients, just friends. I get to be friends with the actors I shoot. 

Please contact me to shoot your next headshot. 

Andrew Gerard